• Youth


    Practice more gender equitable behavior related to HIV and AIDS

  • We provide support for

    We provide support for

    Women in community

  • We Help Youth and Women

    We Help Youth and Women

    The old men and women

  • to prevent HIV/AIDS and gender based violence

    to prevent HIV/AIDS and gender based violence

    Access to care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS and orphaned vulnerable children.


  • COVID-19







    Regular washing hand prevention from COVID

  • COVID-19


    TOGETHER,STOP COVID-19 Infection

  • OREDA Community education on hand wash

    OREDA Community education on hand wash

    OREDA Community education on hand wash

  • Community Debate

    Community Debate

    Community Debate

  • Providing GBV training to local authorities

    Providing GBV training to local authorities

    Providing GBV trainning course  to local authority Samaki Meanchey District of Kampong Chhnang Province

  • Youth Peer Education

    Youth Peer Education

    Youth Peers provide Community  Education on COVID

  • Community  Youth Dialog

    Community Youth Dialog

    Community Youth Dialog

Our organization trained so far
827,171 peoples
Since 2001

CHEC  is a non-profit local Cambodian non-government organization (NGO) and registered with the Minsitry of Interior since 2001. 

CHEC has committed to advocate to improve the health and condition of people living with HIV and AIDS and prevent transmission among the target groups as well as to assist women who are subjected or/and affected by Gender Based Violence to access to support services in the target communities in collaboration with the local partners and stakeholders.

sp;has built up a strong reputation as a provider of training courses on key management skills to build staff capacity in NGOs, government agencies and other organizations. \

CHEC has been implementing the programs in a holistic, systematic, complementary and comprehensive manner, through multi-sectoral, and multi-dimensional approaches, and to provide appropriate care and services to PLHIV and survivors of GBV in the target areas.

To combat GBV in Cambodia, a holistic and multi-sectoral approach is required. The plan of action should focus on advocacy through public campaigns against GBV to cha

ge policy and practice at the sub-national and national level. Advocacy and activism by civil society and community-based organizations can be instrumental in bringing about reforms on legislation related to violence against women.

CHEC believes that sustainability of all of our programs is crucial. Therefore, we provide high-quality training to beneficiaries, and ensure full community participation and mobilization. This creates a sense of self-reliance and ownership of responses to HIV and GBV issues in our beneficiary communities. This way, communities can enjoy better health and living conditions in the future. However, these activities can only continue to run if the funding is available to us. 

CHEC is a non-for-profit organization and runs its projects on the kind funding and technical support of donors. We need your continued support if we are to achieve our mission, goals and vision to improve the lives of PLHIV and GBV survivors in Cambodia.

Recent Programs

Gender Based Violence Program
Gender Based Violence Program
  • May 8, 2017

The gender-based violence (GBV) programme’s current project cycle runs from July 2019 to June 2022.

The program has greatly impacted the target beneficiaries by improving their know...

 Youth Program
Youth Program
  • May 8, 2017

CHEC continues to work with youth in order to ensure that they are enriched with knowledge motivated, and guided towards safe behaviors and attitudes in an effort to ultimately prevent HIV transmis...

Community Health Responsiveness for PLHIV, Youth and Gender Based Violence in 2 Districts of Cambodia
Community Health Responsiveness for PLHIV, Youth and Gender Based Violence in 2 Districts of Cambodia
  • Apr 28, 2017

The relationship between HIV and gender inequality/GBV remains a significant issue in Cambodia. Regressive gender norms and expectations have a negative influence on risky behaviors among both wome...

Our Current Partners

  • Bread for the World



Our Previous Partners

  • Trocaire

    Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace

    World Food Program

  • UN Women


    The Global Fund

  • Cafod