Our major accomplishments of 2015/2016 include:

  • Helping local authorities to successfully integrate HIV and AIDS programs into the Commune Investment Plans by conducting key meetings and providing coaching in Chhouk, Ta Khmao and Boribo

  • With our support, community based educators actively participate in providing education to youth and their family members on HIV/AIDs, STIs and reproductive health; as a result, youth have adopted new behaviours and now share household roles in the family, as well as practice more gender equality in their daily living.

  • Through our programs, 362 GBV victims are more empowered to access support and treatment services. The community people and women survivors are accessing support services at the commune level, and most importantly, reporting violence cases to local authorities.

  • Child nutrition is improving as a result of our positive deviance programme approach.  Results from the end-line survey found a 66.3% increase in number of women with children aged 6-24 months who provide porridge for complementary feeding. We also saw a 59% increase in the number of positive deviant parents involved in home gardening providing important role modeling within their communities.

  • Our Strategic Planning workshop, which included staff and local community people, has helped focus our vision. We are proposing a new cycle funding phase for our donors to better help the poor rural people in Cambodia who we work with.

These and other significant accomplishments are only achieved by the commitment of the CHEC team and volunteers who work diligently to help us realize our goals. My sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who is a member of our team.

We would also like to say a heartfelt “thank you” to our many donors who supported us both technically and financially in order for us to accomplish our mission.  We are indebted to your commitment to our work and the people we assist.

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am delighted and honored to welcome you to the website of the Cambodian HIV/AIDS Education and Care (CHEC).

Since 2001, CHEC has established well-developed programs in the 7 Operational Districts of Sa Ang and Ta Khmao (Kandal Province), Kampong Tralach and Boribo (Kampong Chhnang Province), Preah Sdach (Prey Veng Province), Chhouk (Kampot Province) and Srey Santhor (Kampong Cham Province). More than 10,000 people have received CHEC’s HIV/AIDS training.

Through the successful implementation process of our projects, we also strengthened our partnerships and collaboration with local government partners, community members and field volunteers.  This consolidation of effort is critical to our success in accomplishing our mandate for the year. Our activities culminated in the following vital programmes: “Women, girls and out of school youth living healthy lives free from gender based violence and HIV/AIDS” in seven operational districts; the “Community Based Care” programme in five operational districts; and the Improving Children’s Nutritional Status Using the Positive Deviance Approach” in three operational districts.  Our focus for these activities was on increasing the awareness of HIV/AIDS, STIs, Reproductive Health, Gender and Life Skills with specific attention on providing information on diagnosis, treatment and integration of HIV and AIDS into the Commune Investment Plan.

About CHEC

CHEC is a non-government organization (NGOs) localized from a training projects of Quaker Service Australia since 2001.

CHEC works extensively in local communities to improve health  care &support services, education and training awareness related to HIV/AIDS, Gender Based Violence and Home Based Care Program.

CHEC believes that sustainability of all of our programs is crucial.

Therefore we provide high quality training to beneficiaries   ensure that community participate  and mobilization.

CHEC has highly experienced in strengthening the capacity of youth, women and men to work together with local authorities in the dissemination of information and services to the wider community, youth groups and marginalized groups so that they can sustain the project activities within their own communities. So far, the intervention of the program includes production of TV debates, radio call in shows, community forums at community level have provided the opportunity for in and out of school youths and community people at all age express opinions and accept to change behaviour in relation to sexual reproductive health and sexuality. Our staff are well expertise in the provision of training to these target groups on Sexuality, Gender, Reproductive Health and Life Skills for many years and conduct interactive peer-to-peer through the peer gathering at the community level.

CHEC works towards the sustainability of the program through provision of training and community participation and mobilization to create a sense of self-reliance and ownership of their responses to HIV and Sexual Reproductive Health, gender based violence and support them to run education sessions.

Over the past four years CHEC engage with men and boys through sports events (volleyball contests) to disseminate the information on gender and encourage and assist women subjected to, or at risk of, gender based violence to contact CCWC, District Women's Affairs, or other NGOs for support.

CHEC also provide technical support for the Commune Council for Women and Children in their role to support women subjected to, or at risk of, gender based violence, trafficking and link with the police service.

We have strengthened networks of government authorities, NGOs and religious leaders providing support services to women subjected to, or at risk of, gender based violence including trafficking.

CHEC is the first player who leads the initiative on the linkage of GBV and HIV services.

Organization Structure



Our Mission

CHEC collaborates with development partners, including community members, civil society organizations, private sector organizations and government to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people, particularly people living with HIV and AIDS.

Our Vission

Vulnerable people, particularly people living with HIV and AIDS, have high quality of life.

Our Guiding Principles

• Service: We deliver high quality programs and activities that are relevant to the needs of vulnerable people.

• Accountability: We answer to the...



CHEC provides HIV/AIDS training services in seven areas around Cambodia
  @   Sa Ang and Ta Khmao Operational Districts in Kandal province
    @   Kampong Tralach and Boribo Operational Districts in Kampong Chhnang province
    @   Preah Sdach Operational District in Prey Veng province
    @   Chhouk Operational District in Kampot province
    @   Srey Sonthor Operational District in Kampong Cham province

Our Current Partners

  • Bread for the World



Our Previous Partners

  • Trocaire

    Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace

    World Food Program

  • UN Women


    The Global Fund

  • Cafod