Youth Program

Youth Program

  • May 8, 2017
  • CHEC


The young people of Cambodia are classified as a vulnerability group for being in risk of HIV and STIs transmission. The youth program of CHEC was implemented in 4 Administrative Districts of SaAng, Srey Santhor, Kampong Tralach and Preah Sdach to improve knowledge of the youth about HIV/AIDS, STIs, Gender, Reproductive Health, Sexual Health, Sexual Rights and Life skills. And also, to change their behaviour in an effort to ultimately prevent HIV transmission and improve their reproductive health. In the youth program CHEC has establish and ran a youth friendly centre, and it has work as a learning resources centre (LRC), where the young people can learn and share health knowledge. CHEC has also conduct group discussions/educations at the LRC and conduct supervisions in the community and youth friendly centre and conduct Youth Dialogues to strengthen the value formation and collaboration between youth and local authority.    


The main goal for this project:

  • The resilience of youth to avoid high risk behaviour in 4 target districts is enhanced.


To achieve the goal, CHEC has 3 strategies:

  1. The first strategy to achieve this target was to provide a selected group of youth with knowledge and understanding on comprehensive sexually health and sexual rights.
  2. The second strategy to achieve this target was to establish and run youth friendly centre as the learning resources centre to learn and share health knowledge related to HIV/AIDs, SIT, and reproductive health and gender.
  3. The third strategy has to strengthen value formation and collaboration between youth and local authority to integrate youth issues into CIP/COP.

From July 2016 to June 2019 CHEC has done a lot of different activities to prevent the HIV transmission among the youths. In the beginning of the project, there was hosted orientation meeting to promote and engage local authorities and stakeholder in the 4 targets area. 104 volunteer youths were selected to be Youths Leaders for providing education for youth, counselling, and refer youth to health centre. A number of IEC material have been produced such as leaflet, poster, booklet T-shirt for community education to youths in the communities.

Over the years, there have been carried out some impact survey to measure the knowledge and education levels among the youth related to HIV/AIDS, STIs and Reproductive health and also to measure their practiced behaviours onward HIV/AIDS.  Through the project, CHEC has conducted a number of activities such as group discussions in LRC, youth dialogues, community education activities, quarterly meeting among youth representative, supervisions, training courses to local authority in planning and local development, and post training evaluation on the training on sexually health, sexual right and on leadership in community conversation.

In 2017 Children of a HIV-household are 2 times more likely to miss school, and only 55% of the most-at-Risk Young people was attending school. These challenges are just some of them which CHEC is preventing with their work. By supporting vulnerable groups, providing knowledge and education to youths and adults, and increased the access to treatment. CHEC has been working with young people who are out of school and increasing their awareness and knowledge related to HIV/AIDs, SIT, and reproductive health, gender, sexual rights and life skills. By their work CHEC not only affect the national policies and strategies, but also have a global effect on the SDG’s goal nr. 4 “Quality Education”.

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