Mrs. Eng Somnang Story

Mrs. Eng Somnang Story

  • May 18, 2017
  • CHEC

Mrs. Eng Somnag is 29 years old, living in Kralanch village, in Orussei Commune, in Kampong Tralach

District of Kampong Chhnang province. Her husband died in 2012 due to HIV-related disease and now

she is living with 6 members in dilapidated houses.

Before she took with project and after husband died, she was unhealthy without reason because of no

power and energy to work and she always got discrimination from community people. With the poverty

situation and unhealthy, she want to die. In 2013, she joined with project, she received counselling and

support from the CHEC Home Based Care team to help her feel better and live more positively and she

also started referring to access health care services including access OI/ARV service.

In 2014, her health started recovery like community people, the CHEC Home Based Care team provided

her with skills training to raise chickens, and US$100 granted to start chicken raising. But it because of

weather changes, their chicken raising failed. For this reasons she started to change livelihood activities

from chicken raising to producing handbags with using money left from chicken raising. She produces

handbags with her mother at day time. And In addition, she also works a waitress at night in restaurant

as extra money to support herself and family which is located nearby her house.

For producing hand bags, she could earn around USD3.5 to USD5 per one and others USD60 per

month from waitress.

Today, her health and living condition improved, she has adequate money to support their living and she

also has ability to enlarge a house with better material. She feels confident in running this works and

hopes that in the future she have money to build a houses with quality wood.

At the end, she expressed her deep thanks to the donor and CHEC. She told us during the visit to her

house that when she was first diagnosed HIV positive she was very scared and felt hopeless and her

living conditions were not good. But now, she feels strong and wants to say “thank you” to SCIAF for

contribution is greatly appreciated by people living with HIV and AIDS in Cambodia.

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