Sexual and Reproductive Health

  • Training Date: November 18, 1910
  • Venue: Wednesdays and Friday 2017, 8:30AM– 17:00 PM at Restaurant/CHEC office
Course Description

CHEC Perspectives on Reproductive Health course will engage trainees from diverse disciplines, in topics on family planning and reproductive health.  The course will focus on family planning, including the following topics: male and female contraception, abortion, HIV, and access to services.  This course is designed to give trainees an overview of reproductive health, and encourage learning through active participation in lectures and discussions.  It will emphasize current issues, challenges, and strategies to improve reproductive health, with a focus on resource-limited settings.  The course is designed for trainees from all partners and local stakeholders and departments who have an interest in sexual and reproductive health.

This course is listed as an elective for the CHEC Certificate in sexual and reproductive health

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, students will have learned and be able to:


This course will engage trainees in dynamic interdisciplinary discussions on topics relevant to the sexual and reproductive health.  Upon satisfactory completion of this course, trainees will be able to:

  • Propose strategies to overcome barriers to developing male and female contraception
  • Describe barriers and facilitators to contraceptive use and abortion
  • Compare and contrast domestic reproductive health challenges, including abortion policies and intervention implementation
  • Explain the complexities in the relationship between HIV and family planning
  • Discuss goals, strengths and limitations of individual and structural interventions to improve reproductive health
  • Demonstrate expertise on a current reproductive health topic as it relates to a specific vulnerable population

The course will use a variety of formats in order to maximize interactions between presenters and trainees and encourage class collaboration and participation.  Each class will be dedicated to a topic relevant to reproductive health, at times comparing domestic perspectives.  Course instructors and guest lecturers will provide reading materials for trainees to read prior to each class session. Course formats include:


Lecture and discussion: Instructors and guest lecturers will present on a reproductive health topic, followed by an interactive discussion between trainees and presenters. 


Panels: Instructors will select panelists with varying backgrounds (i.e., clinicians, researchers, program representatives) to provide multiple viewpoints on selected reproductive health topics.  Trainees will be encouraged to participate in discussion through question and answer sessions during the panel.

Case studies: Instructors will provide case studies with accompanying exercises for trainees to complete in small groups during the class and will briefly summarize their case study for the class. 

The course fee is USD200 per participant. The fee includes:

1-Materials (folder, handouts, notebook, name tag and pen) 

    2- Snacks during break times 

    3- Lunch 

    4- T-shirt 

    5- Certificate of attendance 

    6- A closing party at end of the course.

The Training is Facilitated By:

1- Mrs Kheth Saly as faciliitator

2- Mr. Kim Ton, Degree of nurse, 15 years experiences with trainer on HIV/AIDS, STI, Family Planning and Reproductive health and he also got ToT training from MoH.


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