The Leadership for Community Conversation

  • Training Date: July 11, 2017
  • Venue: CHEC Training Centre
Course Description

This training course is designed by the skillful and experienced academia who is leading in providing training on leadership and management at the private and public universities and organization. It is an up to date course of scientific knowledge learn as theoretical and the practical knowledge using Cambodia context for becoming good leader and manager in providing communication at the community level etc.

This course takes multiple approaches in exploring leadership and management.  It aims to familiarize participants with various definitions and concept of leadership and management as well as methodology to become the best leader at different levels in particular at the community. It also provides participants the opportunity to discuss how leadership involves complex interactions between the leader, the followers, the community people and the situation they are in. It further delves into providing participants the challenge to look at how they can become better leaders by profiting more fully from their experiences and by selecting correctly methods used in the scientific study of leaders and leadership.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, students will have learned and be able to:

a.    Critically examine various concepts, theories, and methods on leadership;

b.    Categorize specific characteristics that distinguish leadership from management (or leader from manager);

c.    Develop a personal appreciation on how one can become a better leader by profiting more fully from one’s experiences;

d.    Present objectively one’s personal assessment and evaluation of existing practices in leadership (e.g. best practices in leadership; measuring effects of leadership; motivation, satisfaction, and performance; etc); and

e.    Develop a Personal Mission Statement that will inspire others and provide them direction and guidance in life and

f.     Have knowledge, skill and experience in communicating effectively as community leader. 

The course fee is USD200 per participant. The fee includes:

1-Materials (folder, handouts, notebook, name tag and pen) 

    2- Snacks during break times 

    3- Lunch 

    4- T-shirt 

    5- Certificate of attendance 

    6- A closing party at end of the course.

The Training is Facilitated By:

1- Prof. Hor Bun Leng, M.D, M.Sc, PhD 

2- Mrs Kheth Saly as faciliitator


Syllabus,register link and contact information:

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